Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time flies

I have been so terrible this week, I have made no time for blogging! I just went back to university today so everything is very hectic, but returning, I realised how many new things you experience on the first day back somewhere. For me, it was totally different because the whole day, lecturers told us all how third year is going to be very and very difficult compared to what we are used to. Basically the same speech our 1st and 2nd year lecturers gave us on the first day of those. The one thing I struggled with today was having to get back into a routine. Although I think it is very efficient and good for you, once broken, it’s not very easy to get back into. Because of this, I was so tired today and eventually could hardly keep my eyes open! So, needed a little extra help, I took this study aid stuff called Brainiac or Stay awake or something. These dodgy little orange capsule that look remarkably like viral boosters? This got me awake enough for my next few lectures, but boy was I hyperactive! I couldn’t understand why until about 2 hours ago when I remembered that I took the little energy tablets, but I was on fire! I sang and danced all the way home, and I was pretty convinced I was Florence and the Machine I sang so loud. Needless to say, I had a very entertaining drive home, as well as all the people next to me at the intersections!

At least now I’ve learned my lesson. Stay away from energy tablets/drinks if you don’t use them often and consume very little caffeine! They are stronger than you expect. At least my first day back was an energetic one, and now I can start my third university year with a bang!

I hope you all had a fun day (maybe not as crazy as mine) and have a good rest of the week. I will blog about our awesome girl’s night fancy dinner tomorrow and put lots of pictures up to make up for my absence!


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