Friday, June 15, 2012

Avant Apparel winter range launch

Tonight Bailey invited me to the Avant Apparel winter range launch. As always I was keen for my fashion fix and boy did I get it. The clothing was just what I love. Sharp but smooth with edges and corners all at the same time. The line is inspired by concrete and you can see it in almost every piece. There were some truely beautiful pieces that reminded me how much talent there is in South Africa. Altogether the night was a lot of fun and Bailey and I ended up having dinner after and chatting for hours. Here are some of the photo's from this evening, mostly taken by the talented Bailey.



Bailey and I both wearing Kimono shirts from my fashion line BiBi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy. My feather necklace is also from my fashion line and my leather pants are from Woolworths

Bailey and I

Bailey and Bailey (one of the designers from Avant)

Lauren (the other designer from Avant)

(My favourite dress from the collection)

Thank you so much to Bailey who invited me to the launch, I had such a great time and met so many great new people. Bailey, I really appreciate it

Friday, June 8, 2012

Watch This

This year I have been obsessed with watches and it is getting stronger and stronger. I already have watches in various colours but there are never enough. These are some of my favourite watches right now.



All Marc Jacobs

All Michael Kors. I love the matte look

Both Nixon



Monday, June 4, 2012

Chunky Monkey

I know I always include these in my posts but I love this style so much it deserves its very own post. Chunky accessories are the way to go, and right now I am especially in love with chunky wrist jewellery paired with a watch. These are some of my favourite examples of this amazing style