Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vintage Dreams

One of my many obsessions is cars, especially Vintage cars. We don’t get them much in South Africa, but when we do, they really stand out. I’ve always wanted a vintage car, and now that it’s actually a possibility, it’s reignited the spark for me. When I was young, my absolute favourite car was what my family and I called the “goggamobile”. This was actually the BMW Isetta. It’s a small 1 Door car with one seat and a tiny boot. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a 400cc engine, which is smaller than a regular motorbike by more than half! The steering wheel is on the door, so when you open the door, it goes with it. I loved that car so much; we even once went to a gogamobile convention at Kyalami Race track. It was like a kid in a candy store for me! Once my dad took me to see one up close and I got to sit in it, and I remember saying there was just enough space for me and my two puppies in the little boot. For my next car, I’m going to buy one a bit cheaper than I can afford, and spend the left over on a beautiful vintage car. One day I hope to have a collection of vintage cars, and use them all well. You would be surprised at how incredible vintage cars are. They run so well and they are so reliable, probably more so than some modern cars! When I get my vintage car, I’m going to start a little club for women with vintage cars. I’ll call it something like “Ladies, Lace, and Lovely old cars”! And we can all go for tea on Sundays in our vintage cars.

I’ll try my best to find some of the pictures of me as a child next to the gogamobile, but for now, these are some of my favourites.


BMW Isetta
BMW Isetta
another version of a BMW Isetta
BMW Isetta with caravan

Weismann- not really vintage, actually brand new, but beautiful and vintage style and super fast!


Marinus said...


One of my dad's friends is big into collecting and restoring vintage cars and he is the top judge at one of these vintage car gatherings. If you wanna find out more about the meetings etc, inbox me on facebook, and I'll get you details :)

SabrinaK said...

Thank you so much I will do :) Thank you for the comment


Kevyn Hagemann said...

Vintage cars are one of my biggest obsessions, too! But sadly, I don't own one as of now. Can you tell me where to spot good-conditioned vintage cars? I might buy as soon as I have the money.

Laurence said...

Oh really, vintage cars are good to see. They makes you have goose-bumps, you know. They also have designs that most of us now can't see. And oh, the three-wheeled BMW Isetta! Reminds me of a car in a popular TV gagshow. Weew, gone are the days when you'll see them on the streets. :)

Laurence Modithre