Monday, February 7, 2011

Girls Night, January 2011

I know I have been terrible with blogging this last week and so I knew that I would have to add some really good pictures to make up for my absence. Every month, me, my sister Kristen, Julia, Mariska, and Anka get together for a girls dinner. These dinners is used to get completely dressed up, put on our best clothing and make up, our highest heels, and have some good gossip and laughter. Every month it rotates to a different house, and we all contribute to the catering, which also rotates. The main meal is always made by the hostess, and then salad, wine, and desert are left to the others.

One thing I love about our girls nights are that we get to experiment with our clothes. We try things we would normally be too shy to wear, or we want each other opinions on it before we wear it somewhere else. This is great because we get everyone’s opinions, and we still feel comfortable no matter what we wear, because it’s just us girls.

This month, our first girls dinner of 2011 was at Anka’s house, where my sister and I contributed by bringing the wine, and I helped Anka with cooking. Anka has an absolutely beautiful house. It’s very modern in whites and greys and has beautiful individual items everywhere, like the giant candle sticks on the table, or the antique piano. Although you can’t see much of it in the photos, you can get an idea of the style.

We all enjoy our dinners so much, because we are the perfect blend of similarities and differences. There are the blatantly honest ones, the intelligent ones, the funny ones, the kind-hearted ones, and the quirky ones, and we all bring each one of these things out of each other in a different way. We never run out of things to say, and we always have the best time! We can talk to each other about anything, and I’ve recently learned that it’s not often that people stumble upon groups of friends like this, and so I really appreciate what we all have, as it doesn’t come around every day.
One thing is for sure, we all look forward to these dinners for the whole month! We would have them more frequently if time allowed us to. Another nice thing is that on special occasions, like Christmas, our other halves come along too, and they all get along very well, so we have a nice large party of wine, love and laughter.

Every time these girls’ dinners come around, I am so grateful for them, and for my friends who are part of it. It’s nice to know that you have such a strong support group whenever you need them. (As well as great people to have a glass of wine with and gossip away when you need it!) I think this tradition of ours will continue for many years to come, and I look forward to every one of them.

Mariska, Myself, and Julia

Mariska, Anka, and Julia

 My sister Kristen and I
 My beautiful sister kristen
 The beautiful Mariska
 The beautiful Julia
 The beautiful Anka
 Mariska, Anka, Kristen, and Julia
 Kristens delicious wrap

 Me, helping cook the chicken
The beautiful table Anka set
 Julia, Kristen, Mariska, and Anka
Myself and Kristen
 Julia, Ego, and Me
 Mariska's dress from overseas
 Anka's dress from Forever New

Julia's Dress from Forever New

I was wearing a dress from Legit and shoes from ALDO, and Kristen was wearing a shirt from Mr Price, a skirt from Hang Ten, and shoes from Forever New.

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