Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Night Drive Premiere

These are some pictures from the Night Drive Premiere. In my opinion this is the best South African movie that has been around for a while. Its South Africa’s first slasher, based on muti murders and it is absolutely fantastic. I am not a fan of scary movies at all, but this was very enjoyable for me. My sister Susana Kennedy was the producer and I must say I am very proud of her, she did an amazing job. At the premiere we were seated in Night Drive busses and escorted by police to a secret location, where we watched the movie. We then went to Latinova for an after party and meet and greet with the stars. The night was very well executed and got everyone very excited to see the movie.

I thought that everything about the movie was great, and that it is a necessity for all South Africans to watch. It was really at world class standards and rightly so, it will also be in cinemas around the world when it releases on the 4th of March 2011. I think it’s vital that we all see it not only so that we can marvel at our own countries talent, but also to support that talent and make sure it is appreciated worldwide. I urge everyone to go see Night Drive on opening weekend on the 4th, 5th, or 6th of March, and to tell all your friends. This is definitely something you don’t want to miss, and a positive step forward for our country in the film industry.


P.S Kristen had gotten a new fancy haircut that day that I must point out, and I would have loved to have taken more photos of the star Susana, but she was running around doing producer stuff all night so we will have to settle for the few we got.

Kristen wore a Forever New dress,
and Christian Louboutin
I wore an ASOS dress and ALDO heels

We had lots of fun with Kristen's new camera in the car on the way there
 My Dad Rob, and my Mom Barbara
 Our friendly Metro escort

My beautiful sister Susana giving her producer speech

 Not many people get to kiss their face on a bus
 Anka, Chesney, Kristen, and I
Kristen, myself, and Anka

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