Saturday, September 22, 2012

BiBi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy official photo shoot

A few months ago my big sister Susana gave me the gift of my first photo shoot for my fashion line BiBi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy. We had been wanting to do a photo shoot of the three sisters for a while so she thought why not do one, but use it as an opportunity to get some nice photos for my line at the same time. The shoot was on the top floor of the ABSA building in Cape Town, in Club 31 (thanks DJ Sox and Pierre for making that happen). The view was absolutely amazing and the club looked exactly like the image that I had in mind. We did the shoot in the early evening to try get a bit of the sunset but still the night vibe in the club. The shoot was so much fun. We had the whole club to ourselves, prancing around in our dresses with glasses of bubbly and loud music. The night was just so amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a better first photo shoot for my line.

These are some of the photos from the night. We didn’t have enough time tp do all my dresses but squeezed a good amount in. For more photos of the clothing you can check out my website or the BiBi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy Facebook page.

I want to thank my sister Susana for organising it all and making it happen, and for the amazing gift that it was. I also want to thank my sister Kristen for doing the shoot with us, and of course Justin Munitz for taking such amazing photos.



Susana in a Kimono in Black

Kimono in Black

Kristen in a Kimono in Brown

Kimono in Brown

Me in a Kimono in grey and a bum wrap in black

Me in the Victoria dress

Susana in the Vicky pencil skirt

Kristen in the Tory top

All three of us in the Victoria Collection

Susana in the Barbara shirt (names afetr our beautiful Mom)

Me in the BiBi

Kristen in the BiBi

All 3 of us in the BiBi

Kristen in the Michaela lace

Susana in the Michaela

Kristen and Susana in the Michaela collection

Me in the Victoria

All 3 of us

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sight 4 Sound Fashion show

A few weeks ago I took part in my very first fashion show where I showed my fashion line BiBi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy. The fashion show was called Sight 4 Sound and was a charity event in aid of deaf children who need cochlear implants. When I was asked to participate I said yes without even thinking twice because not only did I get to show my line for the first time, but I got to do it for a good cause.

The fashion show went absolutely amazingly and I can’t even begin to describe the feeling I felt being able to watch my clothes on a runway. I stood backstage and watched in amazement and had to quickly wipe away my tears so I could go out for a bow. It was just the most amazing feeling seeing that. It was my proudest moment yet and I just can’t wait to do it again. I hope that from my pictures you can share even a tiny bit of the excitement I felt that evening, and I hope that i will be blogging about events like these much more in the future.

One of my dresses being auctioned for the charity

My Supporters on the evening:

Sam, Garreth, Me. Ross, James and Jayde

Merida, Me and Ilze

Lilian, Monique, Merida and Chante

Garreth, Sam and James

Monique, Merida and Chante

Monique, Merida, Me and Chante

Merida, Me and Ilze

My Dad, Me and my Mom

Thank you to everyone who has supported my through all of this as well as on the evening of the show. Thank you to my amazing family who are my biggest supporters and are always ready to help me with what ever I need. Thank you to every one who came to my first fashion show to support me. It meant so much to me that I could share that night with all of you. Thank you to the people who wanted to but could not make the night (my sisters, Tanya and Michaela) Thank you for all your support in preperation and I know you were there with me in thought on the night. And of corse, Thank you to SAUJS for giving me the opportunity of this amazing experience