Friday, January 18, 2013

Taking over Cape Town- Part 2

This is the second part of mine and Merida's 2012 Cape Town trip to visit my sisters. These photo's were taken on the second and third day of our trip. These two days were spent hanging out with friends on the beach and drinking wine and cocktails with a sea view, which in my opinion is a day well spent :-)



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Victoria Beckham

Today is a bit of a long one because I am blogging about one of my all-time idols, Victoria Beckham. I fell in love with Victoria Beckham's style around the same time she started her fashion line, and I have been hooked since. She has such a classic style, but she somehow adds an edge to it without looking like she is trying too hard. She was one of the reasons that I started my own fashion line, BiBi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy because I felt that I had the same goals as she does in her line, which was to create great quality, fashionable, flattering and classy women’s wear. I admire that she lives a high paced life in a difficult industry, while raising a family as well as maintaining a strong marriage (and looking amazing while she does it). One of my favourite things about her is her modesty. She has an elegance and class about her that is so respectable and admirable. If I can achieve a fraction of what she has in my life, I will definitely be proud. These are some of my favourite VB photos and items.