Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 Winter Style

As winter is quickly showing her cold face in South Africa, I thought I would share some of the winter styles I want to be wearing this year. I am not a big fan of cold, but I love winter style as there is so much you can do with the layers and the scarves and the beautiful boots. I also love leather and winter is the perfect time to bring our leather items out to play.

So these are the things I love and the styles I want to be wearing this winter:

I love long dresses with jackets and leyers this winter

I love simple jeans and a simple jersey with a statement item like a chunky necklace or big bracelets. This is great for a chilled day out or for a casual lunch

My statement look this winter is boots, leggings and a big shirt or kimono style jersey. This look is sooo comfy and if you swap the boots for heels it can be worn to a meeting or for a night event

Me wearing the kimono jersey from my fashion line BiBi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy

A crisp white shirt, red lips and striking nails. Especially if you can team this up with leather pants

This winter I want a big enough leather hand bag that I can fit my laptop into. I also want to try start wearing colours other than black and grey this winter

This year I have already got myself a pair of leather pants and I am having so much fun wearing them already

These Christian Louboutins are on my wish list. I love tall black leather boots always, and this year I especially love ones that have a bit of edge to them

I would love a pair of camel boots this winter (especially Christian Louboutins)

This year I want to wear high boots with skirts and lots of layers. I especially love this look for day meetings

I am going to rock my silver pants this winter to give the dull days a bit of bright

I am loving chunky chains this winter. I already have silver, gold and yellow

I love the plain black with chunky gold look. I am often weary of wearing black shirts with black pants but this winter I am going to try this for the warmer days

This winter a leather jacket is going to be my big purchase. This is my ultimate one but unfortunately costs $2500!

I am already wearing my watch with lots of different bracelets and I am going to keep wearing throughout winter

I definitely want to start wearing my Christian Louboutin Daffodiles with jeans this winter

and I wouldnt mind a pair of these either

This is a great collection of winter items I love this year. I cant wait to try out all these styles this winter and I promise to try and blog about them as much as I can.



Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hout Bay Market

I recently visited my sisters Susana and Kristen in Cape Town for the first time since they both moved there. I was treated with a house full of girls when I arrived as Susana’s good friend Bailey and their roommate Camilla were there to join us. The first place they took us was the Hout Bay Market. I am a huge fan of markets and I love the South African crafts you find at them. The market had a nice selection of foods and especially deserts (my favourite!), so we had our fair share of treats that day. I thought I would share a few of my photos from the day with you so that you could get an idea of what the market is like 



Kristen's favourite food....NOT!

Bailey and Susana wearing Kimono jerseys from my fashion line, BiBi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy

My sister Kristen pulling her kissy face

and her serious face

all the things I love

Kristen's tiny waffle

My Dad and Kristen doing their photo posing impression

The ring that Kristen and I fell in love with

My double link chain necklace

My winter watch and bracelet combo (which has now become larger)

Kristen's watch and bracelet combo

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DO's and oh please DONT's!

I saw Kim Kardashian wearing this Givenchy outfit quiet a while ago, and I instantly didnt like it. I thought that it was so unflattering to her body type and it put me off the outfit completely! I just didnt think it did anything for her, or for the outfit!

But recently I came across a picture of Jennifer Lawrence wearing the exact same outfit and I think it looks amazing!! I couldnt belive what a difference it made! And I just thought it was a perfect example to show that being curvey is a great thing, but when dressed in the right way. Different shapes can just make or break an outfit and it just shows how much something as small as curvier hips can change a look completely! I loved Jennifer in this, and thought it definitly did the outfit justice! I dont know about you, but I personally think Kim should stick to more classic shapes if she wants to keep on the best dressed list!!