Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jo'burg Fashion Week 2011

The time has come for fashion week all around the world, and this year myself and my sisters were fortunate enough to attend the Errol Arendz show at the Bus Factory and the Kluk CGDT show at the Rand Club. Both shows were absolutely amazing but completely opposite which was so great for us as we got to experience the two opposite sides of fashion week in one night! Errol Arendz was young, chic and fun with bold colours and smooth patterns, whereas Kluk CGDT was high-end classic, with bold pieces and thick patterns. Totally different styles but so interesting to see them so close together. There were so many pieces I loved from each of them and the vibe was just amazing. I could do that every day of my life! It really reminded me why I love fashion so much, and how it is such an intense art. I cannot wait for the next fashion week as after my experience last night, i don’t think I’ll be missing another one ever again. Next step, New York Fashion week!

(Iv only been able to upload some of my photos so more will come later in the week)

The Errol Arendz show at the Bus Factory

 Some fashion buddies we made
The Kluk CGDT show at the Rand Club

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