Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Leopard A Day.....

Today I got a CANON EOS 400D, and to welcome my new camera, my sister and I had a little make-do photo shoot! This suited me just fine as today I applied for a job at a Fashion retailer, and to put me in the mind-set, I dressed in 50's glam and leopard print.

I LOVE dressing in 50's style, with high waisted skirts and ribbons, so I always feel great when I go all out! (On another topic, all i need now is a 50's style vintage car!!!) I believe that that is what fashion is about. Feeling great in what you are wearing, and how you look overall. I don’t think you should only have some days that you feel great. I think you can feel better than great some days, and I think you can feel a little off your game some days too, but i think that majority of the time, you should feel GREAT! My definition of great is feeling so good that if you ran into ANYONE out and about, you would be glad you looked so good! You would be surprised at how much feeling great can affect your overall mood and esteem!

So, because I was dressed nicely today, AND got a new camera, it seemed perfect to have a quick shoot! Here are some pics to show you and to welcome my new camera (Calliope the camera-Cally for short) to the blogging world!

The pictures are of me, my dog Oskar, my sister’s leopard clutch that I modified for her, and other photos that I associate with the print and the style. I associate leopard print with a very classic look and I think every woman should have at least one piece of leopard print in their closet, as it will never go out of fashion, and always catches people's eye!




Kristen said...

Nice pics ;)

julia said...

Such long hair!! BEAUTIFUL!!!