Friday, January 21, 2011

Ladies do it best...

Yesterday morning, my sister and I had some more fun with my new camera, and then headed off with three of her friends, Lara, Lauren, and Tracey to a delightful little vintage shop. It was so individual and unique, but the nice thing about it was that the clothing was not just Vintage, but designer Vintage! There was everything from Valentino to Steve Madden, and all originals in exquisite condition! The whole shop has this amazing vibe and the shop keeper fits in so well, it just makes you feel like sitting down for a cup of tea and a scone. Every piece in there has its own story, and it is still so affordable.

After our little expedition, we headed to Lara's house, and because she is an amazingly trained patisserie chief, we got to eat the most delicious... I want to say cake but it doesn’t do it justice? She also made glorious little cupcakes, which we then iced ourselves. Everything was so delicious and we had a wonderful little ladies tea party. I thought I’d share a few of the photos of it with you all to try and do the day justice.

I have to mention that my sister helped me take a lot of the photos, so thank you Kristen, and thank you to her lovely friends for a wonderful time and for allowing me to photograph them and blog about it! Also, it is my 4 year anniversary with the love of my life today, and i simply had to mention how happy i am and that even though we are thousands of miles apart right now, it has been an amazing 4 years. Thank you Wikus!

Sorry for the mish-mash, and I promise ill blog about such interesting things in the near future!

Enjoy the photos!


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