Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inspiration Nation...

So no pictures today, but I leave you with something much better... I started blogging for a few reasons, one of them being inspiration caused by other bloggers. One of my favourites is Glossarygirl. This was one of the first blogs I read, and I think it is fascinating as well as inspiring! It’s always so interesting and filled with lovely surprises, and what I like most is how she is always so nice to everyone! Once you start reading her blog, you really feel like you start to get to know her, and that she’s that friend you always wanted. I think she really has the right formula to a brilliant blog, and that it would be in your best interest to have a peek at it.

Another blog that inspired me is Louder than Silence. This is a bit of a team effort and I absolutely love how it flows. Their pictures are amazing and vintage, and I admire the mix of things we sometimes never get to see in South Africa! It is very creative and homely, and always makes you feel like they really enjoy you reading it! Again, it would be advisable to go on over and take a look at it, so that you can also share the experience.

These two blogs are just two of my favourites (others you can find on the right hand side of my page) but two that really stood out to me, and that I enjoy to check up on every so often. I’d like to follow in the blog-steps and reach 200 followers by the end of this year (i guess that, and being a positive person are my new year’s resolutions!). It may sound simple really, but at this stage, it seems a bigger task than imaginable!

These two blogs often give me the inspiration to keep going, even though you are never sure if anyone is reading, and they both always seem to enjoy blogging so much, it always helps to spark up my passion again.

I hope that you take a look, and most of all... Enjoy!



Anthea said...

Hi Sabrina, Lauren's blog inspires me too! I absolutely love it! I see you added me to your blog list. I am so honoured! I'm follower no 13, I'm sure you'll get to 200 in no time!

SabrinaK said...

Hey! Thank you so much! She does have a beautiful blog! I am hoping to get lots of followers, but im struggling to advertise myself further than my clans ;-) Thank you very much for the comment, and I do LOVE your blog too!


Lauren said...

Oh wow, thank you so much Sabrina! You are just the sweetest. Thanks for reading and supportin' - I really appreciate it. All the best with your bloggy ventures x