Monday, January 24, 2011

Eye Candy!

Today, i have had the sweetest tooth! All I’ve felt like doing is baking deliciously chocolaty treats, but because of the lack of ingredients, it was postponed until tomorrow.  For now though, I thought I would prepare you for what to expect in the next few days. I want to share a few of my recipes with everyone, so that I don’t feel as guilty about eating such terrible treats!

I absolutely LOVE baking and cooking, and I love altering recipes to add a little twist! Tomorrow I will be making a delicious minty, Lindty treat. But for today, because I was lacking ingredients, I thought I’d share a few photos of the quadruple chocolate cupcakes I made for my sister Kristen’s 22nd Birthday in Plett.

I was out of ideas- and because we were not at home- most of my baking tools, so i had to get a little creative with what I had, and I ended up using wax paper as cupcake holders, which turned out to look great! I used normal choc-chip cupcake mix, then added a slab of cut up milk chocolate and I made a chocolate butter cream icing to top it off, with grated chocolate ontop. It turned out much better (and chocolatier) than I had expected, and they were delicious!

These were really easy to make, and anyone can make them! If you don’t feel like making them from scratch, you can buy choc chip muffin or cupcake mix, and ready mix icing at most shops. This is great to keep the dry mixes in your pantry for times that you need to whip up something quickly, or for the times you just want a tasty chocolate treat!

On a different note, my daily blog mention is a lovely lady called Anthea , whose blog Embracing Style is absolutely lovely! It’s really refreshing and different, and it gives off a great South African feel. It is simple and creative and always an interesting read! This is definitely another daily must-see!

As always, ENJOY!


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Anthea said...

Now I want chocolate muffins!

Thank you for your very sweet words!