Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town 2012

In October this year, my friend/to be sister in law Merida and I were lucky enough to take a little trip to Cape Town to visit my sisters. We decided to make the most out of the few days we had there, so we packed as many nice outfits as we could get into our bags (including a few too many pairs of heels!) and we decided that we were going to make a photo journal of our whole trip. This meant that the two of us as well as my sisters had to have a camera on hand at ALL times (thank you to my sister Kristen for the countless photoshoots). We took over 500 photo's so this one is going to be seperated into events. The first being The Old Biscuit Mill. I have blogged about this before, when I visited Cape Town almost a year ago, and after going to the Mill the first time I was hooked. It is the perfect place to go for a nice breakfast or treat on a saturday, or if you just want to browse the stalls or gain a bit of insperation. Merida and I decided that anything we thought looked delicious, we were going to buy:; which obviously led to us feeling sick from all the sweets! It turned out to be a great day and we had such a great time testing all the nice things and eating up a storm. Here are some of the photo's we took.



Me and Merida

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