Monday, November 28, 2011

The Old Biscuit Mill

I was just in Cape Town for a week with my boyfriend Vic, and we went to this market called the Old Biscuit Mill. The market offers opportunities for South African food makers and stall owners to come out on a Saturday and sell their goods to the public. It’s a tiny area that is crammed full of everything nice. The food stalls offer the most amazing things like design your own sandwiches with the best ingredients, to home brewed beer and mushroom and truffle oil sticks, to amazing treats like macaroons and mini lemon meringues. Everything you look at is amazing! We started out with an amazing sandwich, went over to try some smoked and roasted olives, mushroom sticks, home brewed beer, lemonade, and ended with some peanut butter macaroons. What i liked about it the most is that most of the things for sale, you can’t find anywhere else. Everything was so original and different and delicious! And there is such a nice vibe there with music and crowds and hay bales to sit on. If i lived in Cape Town, this is definitely where you would find me and Vic every Saturday morning for breakfast.

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