Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 Winter Style

As winter is quickly showing her cold face in South Africa, I thought I would share some of the winter styles I want to be wearing this year. I am not a big fan of cold, but I love winter style as there is so much you can do with the layers and the scarves and the beautiful boots. I also love leather and winter is the perfect time to bring our leather items out to play.

So these are the things I love and the styles I want to be wearing this winter:

I love long dresses with jackets and leyers this winter

I love simple jeans and a simple jersey with a statement item like a chunky necklace or big bracelets. This is great for a chilled day out or for a casual lunch

My statement look this winter is boots, leggings and a big shirt or kimono style jersey. This look is sooo comfy and if you swap the boots for heels it can be worn to a meeting or for a night event

Me wearing the kimono jersey from my fashion line BiBi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy

A crisp white shirt, red lips and striking nails. Especially if you can team this up with leather pants

This winter I want a big enough leather hand bag that I can fit my laptop into. I also want to try start wearing colours other than black and grey this winter

This year I have already got myself a pair of leather pants and I am having so much fun wearing them already

These Christian Louboutins are on my wish list. I love tall black leather boots always, and this year I especially love ones that have a bit of edge to them

I would love a pair of camel boots this winter (especially Christian Louboutins)

This year I want to wear high boots with skirts and lots of layers. I especially love this look for day meetings

I am going to rock my silver pants this winter to give the dull days a bit of bright

I am loving chunky chains this winter. I already have silver, gold and yellow

I love the plain black with chunky gold look. I am often weary of wearing black shirts with black pants but this winter I am going to try this for the warmer days

This winter a leather jacket is going to be my big purchase. This is my ultimate one but unfortunately costs $2500!

I am already wearing my watch with lots of different bracelets and I am going to keep wearing throughout winter

I definitely want to start wearing my Christian Louboutin Daffodiles with jeans this winter

and I wouldnt mind a pair of these either

This is a great collection of winter items I love this year. I cant wait to try out all these styles this winter and I promise to try and blog about them as much as I can.



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