Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Femme Fatale Part 3

For the third part of my femme fetale I chose Blake Lively because as jealous of her as I was (which obviously made me dislike her) no one can deny that she always dresses absolutely brilliantly. She is always in fashion and looking amazing, and best of it all, she is her own stylist! She also has one of the biggest Christian Louboutin collections, which makes it hard for me to not want to high five her! But the deciding factor for me was that the more articles I read about her or written by her, the more I realised she genuinely seems nice and like a really great woman. She is the kind of woman I wouldn’t mind to have as a good friend. I think she must have great advice to give and she just seems so chilled and friendly. We definitely need more people like her!


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