Monday, November 7, 2011

Paige-Amanda's Princess Party

This weekend it was a great friend of mine Garreth's beautiful daughters 2nd Birthday Party, which he themed a princess party! It was so much fun and she is just such an adorable little girl, who was so willing to interact and play with everyone all day without getting tired or grumpy once! And Garreth had planned it all so well! There was princess plates and cups and party hats and a beautiful cake made by Garreth's very talented mother Shelley. Garreth and Paige-Amanda are just such a cute pair and you can just see how much they love each other every time they catch each other’s eye. Altogether it was such a great day and we all had so much fun with such great people. I thought id share just a few of my favourite photos from the day. Also, it is my 21st birthday in 5 days so that will be a big blog topic after Saturday as i am having a Gossip Girl/Upper East Side New York themed part which is going to be great! Enjoy! xxx
Garreth and Paige-Amanda
Me and Paige-Amanda

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