Sunday, December 26, 2010

Leaving, on a jet plane!

After a long 2 days of Christmas, it is time to leave for Botswana. I’m very excited because now that I am blogging, I can share all the different things that I see in Maun. I also have a reason to never let go of my camera! Maun, Botswana, is a small town with not much in it, which makes it easier to get creative because you don’t really have much else to do! The culture there is so extremely different to what I am used it. It’s fascinating! To watch the way in which such diverse people live, really gives you a broader outlook of how we live, which enables us to understand it a bit better, and most of all what I find, to appreciate what we have. The people in Maun are not well off, but they are so happy with what they have, and they take care of it as if it were as good as gold! It’s amazing to see how grateful a person can be for things that we take for granted everyday.

Anyway, more on that when I’m there! I hope that everyone has a lovely rest of 2010 and makes the most of it while we still can!

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