Friday, December 31, 2010

In Botswana!

I’ve been in Maun, Botswana for a few days now and only just got internet! It is always boiling here, between 30 and 40 degrees c. The lifestyle here is so different! And the cultures are so diverse! It always seems like it’s a weekend here, because there is the same amount of people everywhere no matter what day, and there is never any traffic! The Maun Airport seems to be the centre of everything here, and the biggest building. Everything revolves around the airport.

The town is very much like a small, neat township. In the whole of Maun, there are only two traffic circles that regulate traffic, no robots, nothing! Everything is dusty, and everywhere you look there are little tin shacks. The shacks have little fences around them, which mark each person’s property, and inside each property there is usually a dog, some goats, a donkey, or maybe a cow or two. At night all the goats go to their respective home and wait for the owner to close the gate behind them. I think it’s amazing that the animals know which house is theirs and what time they should go home! Something else i saw which i thought was amazing was that often if a family has a dog, the dog will follow the mom and the children everywhere, as if it’s protecting them. A few days ago I saw a dog following its owner into a clothing store, and walk up and down the rows with her while she shopped!

I haven’t been able to upload any pictures yet, but i will ASAP, so that you can see what I’m talking about.

Its New Year’s Eve today, which means that it is the last day that we have of this year. So if there is anything you want to fix, fix it now. If there is anything you wanted to do in 2010, now is your last chance! This has been a crazy year, I think for everyone, and I hope that next year, with the craziness that comes with each year, we all make do with what we have, and realise that as each year passes, we have the opportunity for a clean start. A time that we can reassess our options and situation, and decide how we want to perceive them. Make the best of what you have, understand that you have it for a reason, and see forward, past what each thing means to you now, but rather what it might mean to you in the future. No matter where your path leads, trust that you will have the power to walk it.

“It does not matter how far or fast you move in this life, but only how much of yourself you take along the journey!”


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