Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kitchen clean

I have been in Botswana for the past week or so, and one thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about was my dream kitchen. I love to cook and cater for people, and watching the FOOD network, although lame to say, has really pointed out to me how a different kitchen can affect your cooking. There are all these things I realised I needed in my perfect kitchen, like two ovens, one of those centre work stations, 3 sinks, one on the centre station, and also things like I want to jar all my ingredients in the same style jars, so put my flour in a jar instead of the paper bag it comes in kind of thing. These tiny things make such a difference! And good quality knives! WOW do those make a difference! I looked around, as I think good knives are a must have, and I soon realised how heavily priced professional chef products are! Theses normal knives cost around R1000 each! Which is crazy, but I think you have to consider it an investment, because you will never buy knives again!

The one thing this kitchen browsing did teach me is that if you want a beautiful, useful kitchen, save up and wait it out instead of buying one item at a time. For me, I will wait until I can afford a proper kitchen before buying a house, because I think it’s the most important part of my home and if you move into a house with an unfinished kitchen, I don’t think it will ever be exactly how you planned. So now I know it’s best to wait, and not rush, so that you can buy everything to your desired quality and have your absolute perfect kitchen.

These are some kitchen styles I really love, and my dream knives.

Wusthof Classic Ikon Creme Chefs Knife R 1180


Sandy said...

yes for the perfect kitchen ...... just remember getting a knife as a present is very bad feng shui for the relationship of you and the giver unless they gift it with a coin ..... best to get it your self ..... I like the light kitchens ..... mmmm ..... yes I like the way you think Sabrina xxx

SabrinaK said...

Thanks for the advice Sandy :) I will keep that in mind. Im in love with these kitchens! Glad you like them too! Follow my blog if you arent already :)